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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Of Nuns and Elephants

Today I’m too busy to blog, I’ll tell a few lame jokes…

Question: What goes black-white-black-white- black-white-black…?
Answer: A nun rolling down a hill.

Question: What goes black-white-“Ha-ha”?
Answer: The nun who kicked her down.

(No offence to nuns or monks intended)

Question: What do misers do when it’s cold?
Answer: They sit around a candle.

What do misers do when it’s VERY cold?
Answer: They light the candle.

(No offence to misers or tycoons intended)

Question: How do you shoot a white elephant?
Answer: With a white elephant gun.

How do you shoot a pink elephant?
Answer: First you paint the elephant white…

Question: How do you put an elephant into a matchbox?
Answer: First you take out the matches.

Question: How do make an elephant burger?
Answer: First you get a very large bun.

(No offence intended to elephants, people who think they are elephants, the Elephant Man & elephant trainers)

See you guys tomorrow.


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