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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race: Down to Final Three

Yep, its gonna be the season finale tomorrow. We’re down to the final three teams: in the blue corner, the egomaniacal Rob and Amber, in the red corner, Ron and Kelly the bickering pair and in the green corner, darkhorses Uchenna and Joyce.

It was only exactly 3 months ago that we watched the ‘live’ season finale of AR6, where models Freddie & Kendra beat Kris/Jon and Adam/Rebecca.

Last year we had this annoying show-off called Jonathan who could not stop screaming / harassing / bullying his Playmate wife Victoria. I thought there could not be anyone worse than him until Rob and Amber came along.

I suppose the only reason why Survivor All-StarsRomber” (as Solb1 Kenobi calls them) pair were invited on the show was to boost the sagging ratings, hopefully to draw-in some of the Survivor audience. No matter how hard the other teams tried to kick them out, Rob & Amber were unbelievably lucky to make it to the finals, helped along by some dirty tactics and misfortune on the other teams.

Let’s review the chances each team has to win the US$1,000,000.

Rob & Amber – One of the reasons they can breeze through the competition is that they are already TV stars and multi-millionaires, there is less pressure on them to win and they know how to play the game to win (Rule #1: Don’t fight about your relationship problems on screen). This single factor is, along with tons of luck and arrogance could win them the prize, but I don’t think any of the audience will be rooting for them. Besides, if they won, what does it say about the producers? That they had to sink to the level of nicking ‘Survivor’ alumni to save their own show?

Ron & Kelly – Good Lord, I really cannot tahan this couple. Kelly cannot stop whining about Ron’s refusal to commit to a relationship. GET A GRIP, WOMAN!!! You’re on AMAZING RACE, not Oprah! If he’s such a loser, just dump him after the show and get on with it!!! She’s a beauty queen, I’m sure she can get a date, instead of this whiner. As for Ron, he just can’t stop bragging about him being a soldier and an ex-POW in Iraq. I’m betting to think his whole squadron got captured upon arrival in Iraq solely due to his ineptness. The guy is such a redneck loser.

Uchenna & Joyce – they’ve been under the radar for a major part of the race. They kind of remind me of Chip & Kim (AR5 winners) in that by being married so long, their relationship is stronger, and know each other far better than a certain beauty queen/ex-POW team. If they can play their cards right, they can stand a good chance to nick it.

Since my favourite team (the brothers) were eliminated, looks like I’m rooting for Uchenna and Joyce. But as we all know, it will come down to a taxi race, then a foot race in the park.

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