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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Some Forgotten Malaysian Fads II

Further to my blog yesterday, I seem to have remembered a few more forgotten Malaysian fads:

Mosquito rackets – my mom bought these from China before it was sold locally, they were so fun to play with (especially stunning your friends with it). Then everyone had one, they came with double ‘netting’ and even square rackets. In the evening I’d always go to the laundry basket in the dark corner, give it a slight nudge, and swipe all the unsuspecting mosquitoes, until I could smell the smoke. Makes you feel like a jedi master…

Anti-radiation stickers for handphones – someone game me these for my old Ericsson. You’re supposed to stick one near the antennae and another near the ear-piece. Some people I know stick like 6 all over their phones, and swear it works. I’m not really convinced, but bear in mind the electro-magnet in Ericsson phones in those days could attract paper clips and small metal objects… Somehow you don’t see any of these around anymore.

Spiderman toys in the car – at first it was spider-and-web soft toys stuck to the side window. Now you have spiderman sitting on the dashboard. Then there are those miniature MU/Liverpool jerseys. Next few months its gonna be Batman.

T-shirts with giant baby faces on them – Really ugly, man.

T-shirts with ‘Boy London’ or ‘Girl London’ printed on them – not ugly like the baby one, but excuse me, we’re living in Malaysia here… (although I’ve seen one that said ‘Boy Selangor’ before…eewww…)

Pepsi Twist, Fire Pepsi, Ice Pepsi – Long gone and forgotten. I wonder was it worth all the millions spent on advertising?

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