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Monday, May 30, 2005

Should Liverpool Defend The European Cup?

Pros and Cons for Liverpool to play in the Champions League next season... by Simon

Points SUPPORTING Liverpool to play in the Champions League Next Season:

  • Champions should be allowed to defend their cup. (Strongest point they have, this one)

  • European big teams support their bid (it would be less embarrassing for them to lose to Liverpool next year, rather than to, say, Partizan Belgrade…)

  • Hey, getting 5th position in the premiership is a BIG achievement. Chelsea, Arsenal and MU have made block booking on the top three spots for the next few seasons, anyway…

  • At least we have a positive goal difference. Look at Everton… And we beat Arsenal, unlike Everton…

Points AGAINST Liverpool Playing in Champions League Next Season:

  • Strong lobbying from smaller teams, rumoured lead by (surprise, surprise) Everton.

  • So what’s wrong with playing in the UEFA Cup?! Also quite glamour, maa…!

  • First England had 3 Champions League spots. Then it was increased to 4. Now they want 5. Very soon the EPL is gonna look like this:

    • 20th to 18th spot – Relegated to Coca Cola Championship
    • 17th to 14th spot – UEFA Cup
    • 13th to 1st spot – Qualify for Champions League.

(Congratulations to all LFC fans. And apologies, its just a joke la… )

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