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Monday, March 05, 2007

Wanna Check Out Some Cool Unsigned Bands?

(This is a sponsored post.)

I'm a kind of guy that likes great music, especially if it's metal or hard rock. Even better if it's an indie band that has no pretensions of fame and popularity that most of the established Top 40 bands have these days. Don't get me wrong, multi-platinum selling bands play good stuff, but personally for me, there's nothing more exciting than hearing a fresh new sound from an undiscovered band that's giving all it's got, singing with raw emotion.

Everyone knows that there are thousands and thousands of good, undiscovered bands out there. But the problem in finding unsigned bands is that they are, well, unsigned. Not many radio stations want to play music by unsigned bands, and even if they wanted to, they would still have to meet the tastes of a wider range of their audience.

But now, there is a place for you to discover new unsigned bands, and it's at a website called Unsigned! Here, you can find a listing of many, many bands and solo artistes listed by genre, like grunge, hardcore, indie, Christian rock, hip-hop, etc. You name it, they have it. You might want to check out their excellent listing on Bluegrass Artists. If you’re a musician or in a band yourself, and want to publicize yourself, you can also register with them to get yourself listed.

They are also working on adding new features like Music Player, Playlist Editor and CD Creator to enhance the value of the website.

And just like the cliché goes, it’s all about the music.


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