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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still Not Married At 50

Recently, i met up with a friend after more than 10 years. He's almost 50, and still isn’t married. I don’t think he has ever had a serious girlfriend. I’m not entirely sure why this is so, it’s not something you ask your guy pals over a cup of hot kopi O kau at the office canteen.

I suppose that some guys are unmarried at such an age usually are due to few common reasons. Too much time at work, fear of commitment, no chance to meet girls (esp if you work in a male dominated industry), too shy, bats for the other team, etc.

But some of the unmarried guys are no a really nice dudes, with nothing really fundamentally wrong with them. Good family, stable job, no suicidal tendencies, you know the drill. But yet through some cruel twist of fate, they never did find their ‘special one’ as yet (not referring to Jose Moan-rinho).

Maybe, this may have been the scenario for most:-

23 years old – you’re all fired up to enter the working world. Not seriously looking yet, “but I have lots of female friends, but they’re just friends”. Lots of big group outings to the mamak and to the movies.

29 years old – Wow, I seriously need to pay for that new apartment and Honda City VTEC. So it lots of late nights at the office and rounds of golf with the directors in the weekends.

33 years old – Look, I’m picky with girls, but that last one, Erin, was just too possessive. And Michelle, before her, reminded me too much of my mother. Rose was charming, but she’s only ‘just’ an executive, can’t really see a future there… (I’m a manager already, don’t you know?) A life partner is a huge deal, I really, really need to be comfortable with a person if I’m going to spend the rest of my life…

35 years old – look, I’m not worried, but I’m getting tired of the nosy “when are you getting married” questions. By the way, your second cousin, is she seeing anyone? The one I met at your party 4 years ago?

39 years old – well, if it happens, it happens. I’m just enjoying life with my other single pals… we went to Genting to gamble last week and spent Valentine’s Day gambling…

49 years old – Well, hey, I’m rich and I love my nephews and nieces. This is Rocky, my pet Alsatian… come in and I’ll show you my collection of rare Star Wars memorabilia


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