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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Up, Up, Up and Then Some Burnt Hands (Yes, folks, it's Our Stock Market)

Even if you don’t play the Malaysian stock market, you’d seen the headlines. First the there was the bull run, starting with some time in December / early January. Actually the first liners started moving much earlier, but the 2nd and third liners didn’t really follow immediately.

Then when January came, almost every other stock was going up, along with the price of chicken. The mostly docile Malaysian players, starved of action for more than 10 years, started to go into a frenzy.

Everyone had something to say or brag about. "Wah, today I made 40k before lunch, man", Gahmen is pushing it for the Chinese New Year only lah", "Eh, my remisier / uncle / mechanic told me this share can double by next week", What is this Bursa ah? What happened to the KLSE ah?"

So up, up and up it went, even last Wednesday, the 4th day of New Year, the market was buzzing busier than ever, contrary to previous years, where up until the 8th day of the Lunar New Year, everyone was still too busy with their mahjong and chongker and boozing.

Well, those who bought early and sold early in good discipline (or pure luck) did well. Those who bought at the peak, well… well there’s still hope the market can still recover in a day or two, right? Hmmm… uh-huh.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of opportunity to play some more new year mahjong or show hand…


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