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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Twenty One Lies of The Internet

I haven't had this much fun writing a post for such a long time. Dedicated to all my friends, both real and online.

  1. "I’m only going to check my e-mail."

  2. "Hot girls are waiting to talk to you now."

  3. "No, I never googled any of my friends."

  4. "Click here to unsubscribe."

  5. "Fastest growing petrol stocks."

  6. "Click the monkey and win a prize!"

  7. "I never surf the internet during office hours."

  8. "Credit card for authentication only."

  9. "My name is Mahmooud Ghafoor and I’m the former Minister of Finance of Nigeria."

  10. "I was just surfing, I didn’t even know how I got this website."

  11. "No, I don’t know any porn sites."

  12. "Your computer may be at risk."

  13. "There must have been a mistake with the credit card online billing, I have never subscribed to anything on the internet."

  14. "Increase your manhood."

  15. "Your computer clock may be wrong."

  16. "No, I never read any blogs…"

  17. "There is some problem with your PayPal account."

  18. "We assure the privacy of your e-mail address and details."

  19. "30 day free trial."

  20. "Great post, I’ve bookmarked your page."

Okay, I just had to add this one, 21 is a good number to stop at.

  1. "Streamyx Unlimited Broadband Access up to 2 Mbps."


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