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Monday, April 16, 2007

If This Was My Last Post

AhPek tagged on this really interesting one.

The scenario is this...

Bloggers: The blogosphere is coming to an end.

You have one last post. What is it going to be?

What is the final summary of your blog?

What is the one last gem that you want to leave with your readers?

Hmm... the concept of the blogosphere ending is a little harder to visualize, unlike global warming. What would cause this apocalypse? An international ban on free speech? A self destruction of the medium brought on by over commercialization? I dunno, let's just assume the Internet has run it's useful course and resources are low, and the powers that be decided that blogs have to go since they use up a lot of bandwidth and probably 'not important' as other websites (like p0rn) so blogs are going to be killed off...

So here goes nothing.

My last blog post:

Ladies and germs, it's been a fun ride. Blogging was cool (and is pretty much still cool) and now it's gonna be killed off, but i'm not too distressed about it. Although through all these years, i have met a lot of new friends, made some money (actually, a LOT of money, but let's go with 'some'...), and generally had a blast writing, expressing myself and reading lots of fun stuff.

But life isn't all about the Internet (believe it or not), and it certainly isn't all about blogging only. There's so much to do in life away from the PC - books to read, people to talk to, places to see, food to taste, so much more in this wide world that people have slowly forgotten about.

So, once i close my wordpress tab, and shut down the PC, i'm gonna take my beautiful wife and two angels, and probably go and eat our 'sang yee phin' (snakeskin fish slices) at that famous restaurant in Seri Kembangan.

So long, it's been fun, and thanks for all the fish.

End of transmission.


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