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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh Well, Haley's Out

Oh well, Haley's out of American Idol. I liked her, probably not for her singing, if you get my drift. She had a bad night yesterday, so i was really half expecting her to be voted off. 'Turn the Beat Around' is one difficult song to sing, and she didn't handle it well at all.

But the reality of it is this - one more week that Sanjaya will be around. For yet another week, he isn't even in the bottom three. I must say he must have overwhelming support from Americans or those rumors of the Indian call-centres are really true. But i think the kids really like him - there aren't any other teeny-boppers on the show, except Jordin, but she's really a matured singer. If you told me she was 26 instead of 19 i'd believe you anyday.

So JLo actually appeared on the show, now that's a REAL superstar. I wonder how American Idol got hold of her to appear. Next week i hear it's country and western music week. i'm not a fan of that genre, and this year there's no Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood to carry the country music flag, so probably all the stars will be struggling to pick appropriate songs.

So who's my favorite now? Not sure i have one, but Blake is quite good. Of course in terms of talent Lakisha and Melinda are still miles away from the pack, but that alone isn't enough to get you to the final. It isn't all about the talent only, right? We'll see how it goes next week.


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