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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tumpang To Buy, Get Discount (and my dream Camry)

You know how when you want to buy something from the sundry shop, you always ask around your friends / colleagues to buy together so that you can get better discounts? Now there is a local website that is expanding this idea online called

The idea is simple - first you gather some people who want to buy the same thing - books, movie premier tickets, anything. Then buy in bulk at a lower price, and everyone shares the savings. Great idea, right?
As an example, there is an offer to get Spiderman 3 movie tickets at RM4 here.

Great idea, cool website design. You know how it is with Malaysians and discount / sales, right? Thanks for the heads-up, James.

I wonder if a few of us 'tumpang' together, any chance we can get an awesome discount on the new Camry...? I totally fell in love with that ride, man...

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