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Monday, April 02, 2007

Where I Would Like To Go… (Rather Than Sitting Here at Home)

Got this from the washing machine mom, laundryamah, supposed to do it last weekend but my host provider was migrating servers, so kenot do, this morning doing halfway my Screamyx died on me, so now i'm doing it again... remember to save the draft... remember to save the draft... remember to save the draft...

Anyways, its a travel tag, and i kind of like this one. I’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug and have started going on lots of holidays with my family, after NOT going anywhere for about ten years. You see ah, when i got married last time, my wife and i got no money one, so we never go anywhere, then like 2 years ago, i got fed-up, went to make NEW passport for my whole family (teh very special one, with canggih microchip one) and we only started to travel.

Where would i like to go? Lots and lots places - Gold Coast Australia, Japan in winter, England and France, Italy, New York, you name it, I want to go. While I am dreaming, i might as well ask for a Mitsubishi Evo X.

But seriously, the place i would like to go next is, of course Hong Kong. We are planning to go real soon, like in a couple of months, hopefully. I only need to settle one small problem, persuading my company to approve my precious annual leave for the whole week.

Why Hong Kong? No particular reason, really, it’s affordable (its affordable if you compare it with all the places mentioned above), and it’s a great place for a family to go. Plus, both my wife and i grew up watching lots and lots Hong Kong TV series and movies, so it'll probably be cool to see all these places... Actually, my wife watch a lot, i didn’t really watch that much

What to see in Hong Kong? There’s lots to see and do, you can find a lot of helpful resources on the Net, as we are researching these few days. But some places we are definitely seeing are Victoria Peak, Kowloon Park, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland (hopefully we get to spend the night there), the famous markets and shopping centres, etc. By the way we’re not going to Shenzhen even though ALL the promoters at MATTA were pushing it heavily. Why would i want to waste a day there?!

So there, hopefully i get time off from work and i can go... for the dim sum... for the taan tart... for the scenic ferry across the Harbour.


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