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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 17

After dinner, our day was far from over. We took a cab to the Peak lower tram station. We actually had to line up with all the office workers after work to get a cab, but the cabs came frequently enough for us not to wait long. The lower tram station was just a short distance away, we were there in no time.

There were only two trams in service, each with two cars. We waited quite awhile for it to arrive, and it didn't really seat much people. Atop the peak you'll get a spectacular view of the city, as since we were there at night, the view was even more breathtaking. It was cool and windy, gave it a special feeling to be up there.

The tram ride up was really steep! You could see how steep the buildings were compared to you as you ascended.


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