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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sites for Malaysian Investors

For small time investors like me, I find that the Internet is a great place to find information and resources on all things financial – stock quotes, biz news, investment advice, property market indices, etc. There are thousands of sites on the Net about these topics, but very few are local-centric, and even fewer that are good. These are a few of the sites I find useful. If you know of any good ones, please feel free to suggest:

You may think that the
Bursa Malaysia homepage is a no-brainer, but it has the fastest stock quotes available – 15 minutes delay. For value investors like me, live quotes doesn’t matter much; but this site has tons of info – company profiles, published financial results, IPOs, BM announcements and a decent investor education section.

Bursa Malaysia is now imposing a surcharge on live stock prices, so most commercial sites that offer this service has upped their monthly fees. There are many such services (
OSK188, KLSEdaily etc) but the one I’m most familiar with is Investor Exchange. The interface is quite innovative, but slow to load up. I’m also a member of Zoom Finance, but I hardly use it.

Some sites are still free, like
Sharesmyway, so it’s a matter of preference.

The Edge Daily gives business news feed and an archive of selected articles featured in their weekly magazine. This is extremely useful when researching certain counters and companies, and for real estate monitoring.

the Star Online Portfolio is no slouch either considering its free, it gives pretty much the same info as real-time sites, with the additional info on financial results, share buyback, and archived comments on share performance.

I’m still looking for more Malaysian sites that give in-depth advice and analysis of equities and investment instruments. Most site just archive news feeds, not many dare stick their necks out and give personal opinion, like
Dr. Neoh Soon Kean.

Any suggestions, anyone?


  • I used to like Zoomfinance becos the delay is shorter and they have a pop up window to allow you to key in your individual stocks for checking and you could also create your own stock watchlist and they will calculate your portfolio for you but since they started charging... sorrylah to freebies like me.

    Anyway, you can check out some latest business news from CIMB's online trading site. Just go to this link and click on the "News link" tab for news from Bernama, Bursa, The Edge or whatever..

    By Blogger mumsgather, at 3/10/2005 10:46:00 am  

  • OK Thanks for the tip...

    By Blogger Simon, at 3/10/2005 11:06:00 am  

  • You're welcome. I forgot to share two more of my fav news links. Its useful, everything in a page. Here it is Malaysia Business News and

    By Blogger mumsgather, at 3/10/2005 12:07:00 pm  

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