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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Most Famous Malaysians on the Internet

As always, I’m looking to increase the journalistic value and integrity of my blog (AHAHAHahaha…!). So yesterday I decided to do a survey to find out who are the Most Famous Malaysians on the Internet. What I found out was quite interesting (albeit a little subjective...).

But before that, some qualifications on the 'research':
  • Using Google, I search the names with inverted commas (“...”) to get exact names.
  • I used the most common base names (e.g. "Mahathir Mohamad"), to aggregate the different permutations due to titles and different spellings.
  • I recognise that many people may have the same names, thereby some searches may yield more sites than it should, but i reckon most of it should refer to the person I'm looking for, and the margin of error is negligible.
  • Due to Google’s search constraints and nature of their names, I couldn’t search some Malaysians such as Datuk Lat (too common a word), Jeffrey Ong (too many people with the same name), etc.
  • For some strange reasons only known to Google, an identical search returns different results from different IP addresses, and at different times of the day. So to make all things equal, I made the searches at one particular time and place.

And so without much further ado, here it goes:

The Most Famous Malaysians on the Internet (by Google search results)

791,000 for "Michelle Yeoh" (international actress)
139,000 for "Mahathir Mohamad" (former PM)
112,000 for "Siti Nurhaliza" (singer)
73,400 for "Anwar Ibrahim" (former DPM)
59,000 for "Ziana Zain" (singer)
38,000 for "Tunku Abdul Rahman" (16,600 for "Tuanku Abdul Rahman") (first PM)
31,400 for "Abdullah Badawi" (current PM)
31,500 for "Alex Yoong" (former F1 driver)
24,100 for "P.
Ramlee" (actor/singer/entertainer)
12,700 for "M. N
asir" (actor/singer/songwriter)
12,700 for "Jeff Ooi" (blogger)
12,500 for "Hussein Onn" (former PM)
7,210 for "Lim Kit Siang" (politician)
6,620 for "Najib Razak" (current DPM)
8,640 for "Samy Vellu" (politician)
6,860 for "Wan A
zizah" (politician)
6,250 for "Chandra Muzaffar" (politician/activist)
5,830 for "Nicol David
" (national squash player)
4,800 for "Karim Raslan" (writer)
4,570 for "Yasmin Ahmad" (director)
4,270 for "Ong Ka Ting
" (politician)
3,750 for "Ning Baizura" (singer)
3,740 for "Hadi Awang" (politician)
2,210 for "Halim Saad" (businessman)
1,780 for “Reshmonu" (singer)
1,400 for "
Lim Goh Tong
" (businessman)
1,400 for "Shalin Zulkifli" (national bowler)
1,370 for "Ramli Ibrahim" (choreographer)
1,060 for "Hans Isaac
" (actor)

Below 1000, there are too many that to be found, such as Imuda (822), Karpal Singh (804), Wong Choon Hann (780), M. Jegathesan(587), Ananda Krishnan (523) and Sharifah Aini (512).

Did I miss out anyone?

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