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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Top Ten Signs Traffic in KL is Getting Worse

Top Ten Signs Traffic in KL is Getting Worse by Simon (tomorrow I'll start blogging during traffic jams):

  • New Perodua Myvi comes with detachable urinal.

  • SPRINT highway is renamed SPRAINED. The name KESAS is rearranged to spell SESAK.
  • Office workers start eating breakfast AND morning tea on their way to work…

  • Too many inane blogs about how KL traffic is getting worse.

  • People in Bangkok start referring to KL as ‘the world’s biggest carpark’

  • Priscilla Patrick is now a famous Malaysian celebrity.

  • Air-Asia introduces 8am PJ to KL flights.

  • The countdown timers on the red traffic lights has THREE digits…

  • Gomen start erecting large TV screens for drivers’ entertainment during traffic jams. (No, wait, that one has already happened

  • WiFi spots along the Federal Highway.

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