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Saturday, March 17, 2007

What? SPM Results Out Already?!

Last Monday the SPM results were released. Or so i was told.

So after a few months of slacking off and unbridled freedom for the 17 year olds all across the country, it was one weekend of anxious waiting and flurried text messages.

I remember during my time, (oh, just a few years ago) when they announced on national news that the SPM results would be released, I rushed out and told my classmate, who was living next door to me, about it. For some reason, he refused to believe me, saying the national news on TV was wrong.

No, really! Harjit Singh Hullon, the cornerstone of Malaysian prime time news said so! If Harjit says so it's got to be true!

No-lah, cannot be, my friend said.

Hmm. Either he's living in utter denial that his 3-month honeymoon will last forever, or he thinks the examiners take 6 months to mark boring essays.

Anyway, come Monday, all of us trooped back to school on our racing bikes. Most of our friends were there, looking like nervous wrecks, some rich ones who were off to expensive colleges already sent their parents / uncles / drivers / maids / personal secretaries to collect the result slips for them.

I don't know if the arrangement is still the same, but they put the general results on the notice board for everyone to see. But this showed only whether you passed or failed, and which grade you obtained. And if you have any outstanding school fees (or did not return any of the school's precious textbooks), they'd black out your results.

To get your individual results, you'll have to line up in front of the office. All those kiasi topscorer students will be right in front, with their anxious parents looking on, clutching their Prada bags and Far Eastern Economic Journals. I was lining WAA-AAY at the back with all my mat rock friends, making bad jokes about the girls in my class.

So anyway, i got my results (its in a small slip of paper). First things first - check whether you passed Bahasa Malaysia or not (or else my dad will kill me). If not, can you 'July paper'? Next check whether i passed English or not (or else my mom will kill me). Thank God I did, you know my England not powderful one la.


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