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Friday, February 04, 2005

3 Complaints

For those of you who spend at least two hours in the car everyday caught in the jam (like me), you would have heard the ad on the radio by a certain government agency. It’s in Bahasa Malaysia, and it’s done in a rap style.

Here’s my take on it – ITS BAD! REALLY BAD!

I’ve nothing against rap or Bahasa Malaysia, but the ad sounds like a ‘pantun’ written by a 12-year Vanilla Ice fan! If this was 1988 when MC Hammer just got started with the rap thing, I can understand it. But this is 2005! Hello?! Have you heard of Kanye West? Black Eyed Peas? 50 cent? Just watch MTV and see how hip-hop has progressed with the times!
OK, second rant. Traffic jams – BAD.
:( :(

Third point. Let’s get back to radio ads. How many ads have you heard in the past 2 months that sound almost alike? I can think of 3 of them that go something like this (try to picture them in annoying stereotypical Malaysian voices):

Annoying Person A – Hello, how are you?
Annoying Person B – Can’t talk now! Got to go that place to buy this thing at so-much-so-much. Plus they giving this-thing-this-thing FREE!
Annoying Person A – Really?! This thing at that place at so-much-so-much price? Plus they giving this-thing-this-thing FREE? How can?!
(at this point I must note that they have to repeat that line of conversation to emphasize the point. Yeah, like in a REAL conversation…)
Annoying Person B – Yeah, can you believe…
Annoying Person A – toot… toot…toot…
(sound of phone after hanging up)
Annoying Person B – Hello? Hello?

Wow, even I can write radio ads!


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