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Monday, February 07, 2005

Some Good Advice for Chinese New Year

There's two more days to go until the big day. Anyhows, for those of you reading this, here are some tips and pointers for surviving the holiday season (some of it from experience):

  1. Try not to pig out on too much BBQ meat / cookies / keropok / munchies. It'll take forever to work off the pounds you put on in 5 days.
  2. If you're still not married and over 30, better be prepared with the barrage of "so when are you getting married" and "why no girlfriend/boyfriend" questions.
  3. There will be at least 3 concert specials on TV - usually featuring Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng and/or Aaron Kwok.
  4. You don't get ang pow after 21 years of age. Even if you're still not married.
  5. More than one relative or friend will say to you "Wah, long time no see, you put on weight already ah!" (This happens even though you know you've actually lost weight).
  6. Eating too much mandarin oranges can be bad for your cough. And it makes your fingernails dirty. Ditto for kuaci.
  7. Your nephews and nieces seem to naughtier and louder every year.
  8. Your parents' friends will come and visit at the most inopportune time, like when your favourite TV show is about to start or when you are about to defeat the big boss on PS2.
  9. Your neighbours and their visitors will indiscriminately park in front of your house gate and block you. Even though it wide open and you are reversing out.
  10. With all the elderly uncles and aunties around, you again reminded of your shockingly poor grasp of dialect...
  11. There's nothing good to watch on local TV. Unless you love those re-run Jet Li & Jackie Chan movies.
  12. You subconsciously compare the size your car with your relatives' and friends'.
  13. Ban or no ban, those pesky kids next door will be letting off firecrackers like there is no tomorrow. At 4pm in the afternoon.
  14. Waking up too late in the morning gives you a headache.
  15. Unless you're into gambling or partying, there isn't much to do after midnight.
  16. Drink lots of water. Its gonna be blazing hot for the next few days.

and lastly...

  1. On the first day of work after the holiday, you will check the calender for the next coming public holiday!

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!!!


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