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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Some of My Favourite Discs

I haven’t bought a CD for awhile. Due to some cost-cutting measures when I was getting married, I had to stop this luxury. And till today, I buy like max 1 a year. My pal Dave the Slayer still buys RM300 worth of tapes and CDs a month (Including Ker-rang and Metal Hammer magazines). I think he is personally supporting 50% of the revenue of that music store at Campbell Plaza. Headbangers around the city will know that middle age lady store owner very well.

The last CD I got was 2 years ago, Our Favorite Things by Tony Bennett, Charlotte Church, Placido Domingo & Vanessa Williams. Very disappointing. At that time I was really impressed by my pal’s copy of Charlotte Church’s Voice of an Angel. Anyway, randomly, here are some of my favourite discs in my vast collection. All of them represent a certain phase in my life, and they really help me get through some bad patches much easier (and still do).

Metallica by Metallica – the legendary ‘black’ album, and the one that started the whole metal thing for me. I first heard Nothing Else Matters and Enter the Sandman on Singapore radio and it blew me away. I’ve since bought many other of their older and newer albums. Nothing beats old school Metallica. My favourite song, though is not on this album is Fade to Black (on Ride the Lightning). No, it doesn’t make me wanna commit suicide.

Triumph of Steel by Manowar – You can have your Megadeths, Whitesnakes or Testaments, but nobody makes album like Manowar. In fact, there IS no other band like Manowar. (their first track Achilles: Agony & Ecstasy In Eight Parts runs for 28 minutes). Plus, there is Master of the Wind.

Triumphal Return by Whitecross – Aah, Christian metal (a.k.a white metal), so misunderstood, never accepted, now forgotten. But this has to be the pinnacle of that strange music genre caught between two worlds of the secular and spiritual. My RM8 cassette (from Kingdom Rock in SS2) is now koyak already, but the memories still remain.

Fire & Love by Guardian – A far better engineered album by a more talented group than Whitecross, Guardian delivers this masterpiece that I still play today.

Discovery by Pet Shop Boys – Heart, It’s a Sin, West End Girls and my favourite track, Rent.

This article will be continued. When I feel like it. Watch this space.


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