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Thursday, March 17, 2005

10 Richest Billionaires in The World, Again

I blogged about Forbes’ Top 10 Billionaires List here, and since I’m still hoping to be a billionaire one day (HAHAHAHAHAAA…!), I can’t help blogging about it again. Today, let’s look at the 10 richest dudes. Julius Chan has strangely dropped out of the list.

So, like David Letterman, let’s count ‘em down:

Number 10: S. Robson Walton (US, RM69bil) – Chairman of Wal-Mart. It’s a bit like Tesco & Giant. But unlike Giant, this one actually knows how to make money. Actually, father Sam was the guy who made the money, this guy just won the genetic lottery to be born rich. Probably beat his brothers silly to be dad’s favourite. Which proves my theory: If you’re a guy, make sure you’re born into a rich family. If you’re a girl, marry into one.

Number 9: Larry Ellison (US, RM70bil) – CEO of Oracle. Oracle makes servers, I think. Either that or he’s the descendant of the Greek goddess on Mount Olympus.

Number 8
: Karl Albrecht (GER, RM70bil) – owns supermarkets and also motivational speaker. Probably made his money by conning people with buzzwords and catchphrases like “Believe in yourself and you will succeed!” or “The fear of failure is the failure of fear!!!”

Number 7: Paul Allen (US, RM80bil) – became rich by virtue of being Bill Gates' friend. So if you know someone who you think is going to be super-rich, be nice to him and be prepared to suck up big time…

Number 6: Ingvar Kamprad (SWE, RM87bil) – IKEA boss. Millions of kiasu and 'oi meen' Malaysians and Singaporeans have put this guy at No.6. Don’t believe me? Try to go to IKEA in Mutiara Damansara this weekend…

Number 5: Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud (SAU, RM90bil) – Oil money. Probably the president of OPEC or something like that. Don’t mess with with these people, or you’ll be riding bicycles to work.

Number 4: Carlos Slim Helu (MEX RM90bil) – No idea who he is. Probably owns half of Mexico.

Number 3: Lakshmi Mittal (IND, RM95bil) – richest Asian in the world. Never heard of him before last weekend. I reckon he made his money in an ingenious plan: He went round all of India asking RM92.50 from everybody. Since India has 1,027,015,247 people, that’s how he ended up with RM95 bil. I heard some guy in China is doing this same trick. Oh, Lakshmi Mittal also sells some steel products in his free time.

Nunber 2: Warren Buffet (US, RM167bil) – The TRUE richest billionaire in world. I taught him most of his investment techniques when I was his college roommate in Omaha back in ‘57. Has never thanked me for that, but I forgive him, he’s a busy man.

Number 1: Bill Gates (US, RM177bil) – Obtain his fortune by being the illegitimate offspring of Lucifer and a fallen angel. Leader of an underground tingkap-worshipping cult in the US, with its history going back to Leonardo Da Vinci and Abraham Lincoln. Has a horde of hidden Egyptian treasure under his master bedroom toilet.


  • Hahah.. i like the Warren Buffet one.. thou it sounds hard for me being his follower.

    Did you teach Robert Kiyosaki as well? This guy is kinda arrogant IMO, he didnt make into top 10, maybe his Rich Dad had, or among top 50/100/1000/whatever...

    By Blogger keng 坑, at 3/17/2005 05:57:00 pm  

  • seriously tho, buffet is my idol, which i believe is the right way to invest.

    Kiyosaki had a few good ideas, but is just rehashing them ino 304 books to make max money. In fact, he once readily admitted 'rich dad' never existed, just an analogy of himself for 'educational purposes'!!

    i saw him on CNN last week, he's so fat and bloated already.

    At least buffet is keeping it real...

    By Blogger Simon, at 3/17/2005 09:12:00 pm  

  • simon when you become a billionaire can i have 0.1% of your fortune please?

    wow i'd be rich! :)

    By Blogger MunKit, at 3/17/2005 11:41:00 pm  

  • munkit, for all my regular readers (all 3 of you...), ANYTIME, man, ANYTIME! 0.2% also i can give!!!

    By Blogger Simon, at 3/18/2005 09:04:00 am  

  • Been meaning to get a book by Buffet, Any good recommended reads?

    oh and btw, Oracle dont produce server,they're in software. Oracle is most famous for their database, and an expensive one too.

    By Anonymous onlyyu, at 3/18/2005 01:33:00 pm  

  • for beginners, i think the Warren Buffet Way by Robert Hagstrom is really good, i bought the 1st edition paperback, about RM34. I notice the 2nd ed is out, but is quite expensive.

    its tells his history, techniques, why and when he bought which stock, and outlines the 12 tenets of value investing which is very, very good.

    All the other books about him are quite expensive, he doesn't write books. you can also d/load the Berkshire Hathaway annual report at the co website, american investors go thru it every year for his comments and advice.

    Oracle makes software? Ooo...

    By Blogger Simon, at 3/18/2005 02:38:00 pm  

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