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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When Malai and Indo Fight It Out

Malai – What are you doing, defacing our websites? Have you no sense of decency?

Indo – We can do whatever we like. You guys deserve it. You treat us like animals, we fight back.

Malai – When did we treat you like animals? We offer you jobs, without us your country will sink down the tube and go bankrupt.

Indo – Don’t give us that holier-than-thou attitude. Your country was built on the back of our sons. Your twin towers, your F1 circuits and all your altars of greed and egomaniacal symbols, all by us.

Malai – We’re a progressive nation, unlike you. We work hard, and reap the fruits of our labour. That’s why we’re economically greater than you.

Indo – You can beat your chests, but we are the original sons of the earth, we are a superior race, you are just weaker cousins. We fought for our own independence with blood and guns, what did you do?

Malai – You live by the sword, you die by the sword. And we can watch how you kill each other in the name of religion and politics.

Indo – Stick your own noses elsewhere. You keep your own house in order. And don’t come taking what is ours.

Malai – We only claim what is ours. You can’t even handle what you already have, don’t let your greed consume you.

Indo – Practice what you preach. You have no respect, running to the white man for help to take our lands. The servant that lives in the house of the white man is reviled by the other servants.

Malai – It is only you that think of yourself as a servant. Do that, and you will always be a servant.

Singapore – Will you guys knock it off?! I’m trying to sleep here!


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