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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol Last 16 - Guys Night

Oh man. It was the guys' turn to sing tonight, on the last semifinal round before the last 12 grand show next week, and it was pretty disappointing. I can't believe i waited one week for this. As i was watching Ryan Seacrest introduce the guys one by one at the start of the show, i was just telling myself that the remaining guys were all pretty good... well except Sanjaya.

But it turned out that most of them were just ho-hum. Let's see one by one:

Blake - back with the beatboxing again, but did well.

Brandon - Singing your fav songs week after week doesn't mean it'll sound good on TV but i know this guy's good. i hope he goes through.

Chris Richardson - missed his performance.

Sundance - Gave a good performance. First time i've heard a Pearl Jam song on AI.

Jared - Sounded weak tonight. But relative to the rest, not that bad.

Phil - weak, weak, weak. If i were him, i'd be worried.

Sanjaya - geez, will all the young girls stop voting him just b'coz he's 'cute'? He totally slaughtered John Mayer's song! And I LIKE that song!

Chris Sligh - This guy doesn't have the best voice on the show, and he knows that. So every week, he needs to up his game to avoid being eliminated. But this time round he didn't.


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