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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hot Weather and Mr. Al Gore

I don't know about you, but it's getting really hot around here these days. And by hot, i mean the weather, not hawt as in looking pretty or sexy.

I dunno, this whole greenhouse gasses induced global warming can be pretty depressing. And to top it all off, looks like the haze is starting to come back again. Only just slightly. And it's not even the haze season yet.

I can see the pattern emerging for the past few days. Hot, hot, hot weather in the day, thunderstorms in the evening. I'm not too bothered with the thunderstorms, it's the traffic jams it causes that's a pain. And you know around here, a five minute shower just before 5pm can choke the entire city.

Ranting aside, mega-corp YTL is screening the premiere of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' some time later this month for their platinum membership card members. They've begun the media ad blitz with full page ads in the local papers. I'm all for being green, but what made me think about Mr. Gore and his much publicized movie is this - what would he have done about it all had he been (rightly) elected as president back in 2000? Would he have had the clout to practice what he preached?

I mean, i'm not saying he won't, as hypothetical as that situation is, but it's easy for him to be a all-conquering environmental warrior, but it's another thing to be the same conscientious guy while in the Oval Office.

By the way, Big Al has really put on the chunks. He looks like spokesman for some fatty peanut butter product.


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