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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Best Advice My Teachers Ever Gave Me

Some time ago was Teacher’s Day. I think. Never thought about it for the last umpteen years since leaving school. My mom (who wasn’t a teacher) said this lot had the best jobs in Malaysia – half day work, 2 day weekends, 10 weeks of school holidays every year, etc. This was many years ago when teachers weren’t required to spend Saturdays and holidays doing all that ‘extra co-curricular activities’ crap.

Anyway, I had some really cool teachers in my time, and some really moronic ones. Here’s ten words of wisdom that were really given to me by them. I kid you not.

Best Advice My Teachers Ever Gave Me by Simon (who did NOT become a teacher. Hell didn’t freeze over yet).

  • “Take Principle of Accounts, lah. Very easy to score, one.”

  • “Write bigger. Most SPM examiners are short sighted.”

  • “You want to do well in my final exams? Come to my tuition class lah!”

  • “Don’t become a teacher. The pay is crap.”

  • “You better study hard, or else you end up like us.”

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