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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fast Food Nation

There’s been quite a lot of buzz in the papers about kids eating too much fast food these days. But if I were any of the fast food company executives, I won’t be worried one bit, these things will blow over in a month or so, after the storm in the teacup smoothens over. In fact, I’d say they getting free publicity in the national news.

Anyway, these fast food chains face far bigger government and public pressure in the US.

But here’s why I think fast food chain is popular, and why it’ll never cease to be so:

It tastes good. Damn good. So good people will forget (or forgo) about whatever health risks they are undertaking. After watching movies like ‘Super Size Me’ or Fast Food Nation’, they’ll probably quit cold turkey for about a month or so, then the lure of fatty oils and complex carbohydrates will hook them in to say “a little bit once in a while won’t hurt”.

Kids love them Happy Meal toys. Heck even some adults collect them. Not just Happy Meal toys, Fun Meal, Kid’s Meal, Sad Meal, whatever meal they have packaged with the gimmicky plastic toy there is.

It seems affordable, it’s fast, it looks clean. Although it’s not really cheap compared to what you can eat elsewhere, they make it look so with their value meals and offers. Fast, yes, but clean, well, on the outset they really keep it spick and span. But inside the kitchen and how they process the food, that’s unseen to the public…

Media blitz. It’s everywhere. On billboards, in the papers, on TV, now even insert discount coupons inside your newspapers.

Cant think of anymore. Gotta go get my Big Mac fix


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