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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Property Fairs in KL

Just came back from another property exhibition in the city - this time it was the MAPEX 2007 (national level) at the Mid-Valley Convention Centre. MAPEX is supposed to be the premier property exhibition in the country, they have a series of roadshows all across the country to promote regional developments in the various states.

This one is suppose to be the national level exhibition where all the biggest and best developers come and showcase their most prestigious ongoing projects. But somehow, after going through the two large halls of exhibitors, i hardly found anything exciting. Worse still, most of the projects on show were the same as from the one i attended exactly one year ago.

Actually, MAPEX has been around for quite some time, about 10 years i think. But in recent years, a few other events organized by other people have come into prominence. There are two others that are really big - Mega Malaysia Property Showcase and International Homebuyer.

MMPS is actually next week, to be held in PWTC. It's smaller than MAPEX, and with the close proximity of the 2 events, most of the exhibitors would probably be the same. International Homebuyer is the big event that is the most impressive. It's usually held in KL Convention Centre, this year would be the 3rd installment. They're the most advance, and definitely the one that is the one i like the most.

It's usually held in August. Looking forward to that one.


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