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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Life Is Like Snooker...

Back in the day when snooker was the craze in Malaysia, I played quite a bit. This was when they showed that Pot Black series on TV and every urban street corner had a snooker centre or ‘pusat rekreasi’.

These snooker centres were all the same, dark, smoky, smell of cheap cigarettes and smelly toilets, and patronized by mat rocks, small-time gangsters, off duty taxi drivers, schoolkids playing hooky and slackers like my friends & me. Some played real snooker, some played billiards (hardcore snooker kakis regard it as a game for sissies) and the gamblers played lucky ball.

My friends said I had a knack for it; I loved it almost instantly (that was before I played with Pat who used to cream me).

Most people think snooker is just a flaky game, but if you spend too much time inhaling the dust from the blue cue chalk, things can get philosophical, snooker becomes more than game, it helps you see life in a whole new meaning.

(Yes, Simon HAS been inhaling too much of that blue cue chalk.)

For the freedom fighter against British colonists:
"Life is like SNOOKER, the WHITE man comes and pushes the all other races and colours around."

For the environmentalists:
"Life is like SNOOKER, the world is a flat, green paradise."

For the pessimist:

"Life is like SNOOKER, we all fall into a deep dark hole and cannot get out."

For the downtrodden peasant
"Life is like SNOOKER, this big prick comes and prods us all the time."

For the Black Supremacy / Black Panther activist:
"Life is like SNOOKER, the BLACK man will be the last man standing on earth."

For the China Communist Party stalwart:

"Life is like SNOOKER, the Red Army outnumbers everyone 15 to 1."

For the Malaysian Chinese Gambler:
"Life is like SNOOKER, one ball two ringgit la, we play three frames…"

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