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Monday, June 20, 2005

Aizuddin, PPS & Bloggers in the News

The big buzz today is PPS is being mentioned in the Star, together the prominent bloggers of our blogtal. So congratulations to Aizuddin and the bloggers. Like I said, Aizuddin, you’re becoming a celebrity alright!

So to commemorate the grand occasion, today’s top ten list (well, it’s actually 5 + 5) will be for the co-founder of PPS.

Top Five Reasons Aizuddin co-founded Project Petaling Street:

  • He thought this would be a great way to meet chicks.

  • He ACTUALLY lives in Petaling Street (shoplot just above the 3rd fake leather goods stall).

  • But the revenue from Google Adsense will surely be enough to pay for my new Mercedes CLK!

  • He loves ping!-pong!

  • To fulfill his dream to be a model… :p

Top Five Rejected Names Before ‘Project Petaling Street’ was chosen:

  • ‘Project Wilayah Complex’

  • ‘HotMalaysianGuysAndBabesBlogging.Com’

  • ‘Project Petaling Jaya’

  • ‘Projek Terbengkalai’

  • ‘Jom Kita Berbelog’

(To all readers: It's all untrue, just a parody, OK? Just joking ah Aizuddin, don’t send your lawyers down here aa?)

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