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Monday, March 28, 2005

SEMPIT : A Malaysian Love Story

Vijaya: Darling, we’ve got to stop meeting in the pantry like this. Kak Esah the cleaning lady is getting suspicious. One day she’s bound to find out about us.

Raymond: Trust me, darling. This is the only way. Meeting in the disabled toilet was so wrong, darling.

Vijaya: But there are no disabled people in our office… And this pantry is so narrow and uncomfortable.

Raymond: Let’s talk about us, darling. I don’t care if our colleagues find out about us, darling. I just want to be with you.

Vijaya: You don’t understand, Raymond. I’m manager level, you are just an executive… I get 25 days annual leave, you only have 14… I can claim medical check-up, you have to visit our panel doctor in Pandan Indah… I have a company car, you have to park on the roadside… Its not meant to be, darling... Its just not fated.

Raymond: No, don’t say that. Look into my eyes, my sweet vadir. I believe that if a boy and a girl love each other, nothing can stand their way.

Vijaya: Who’s this boy and girl you’re talking about?

Raymond: Us, Veej! I believe our love is strong! I don’t care what people say, let’s get married! Have you told your father about me?

Vijaya: I can’t, darling, he’ll never understand…

Raymond: You must tell him, I can’t go on like this.

Vijaya: No, no, you don’t know him like I do! I’m from University of Cumfuttingbria, Wales UK. You are from FIT, Cheras. He will never accept you.

Raymond: You have to try! He will see that our love is strong!

(Suddenly the door opens and Kak Esah the cleaning lady walks in…)

Kak Esah: Eh? You dua orang tengah buat apa ni?! Tangkap basah ke? Khalwat! Khalwat…! (runs off screaming)

Vijaya: My God! What are going to do?

Raymond: Nothing! The whole office will know in less than 5 minutes! And in 25 minutes, the whole area from Ampang to Cheras! We have to face your father now!

Vijaya: You don’t understand! He’ll be coming for you tonight with a parang!

(Read the sequel here. Any similarities to any existing movies or people is purely coincidental.)


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