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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Getting A New PC!!!

Yep, I’m buying a new PC. My home desktop, if you can believe it, is almost 7 years old. It’s a Celeron 433, I remember clearly I opted for it over the 466 to save something like RM40. Along the way, I’ve changed the motherboard and mouse once, and only a few months ago changed the 17” monitor. This is not to mention the countless re-formats over the years.

It runs Windows 98 perfectly well, and it still has those addictive window games that were once the staple of bored office workers, like WordZap and TetraVex.

Anyway, I’m getting a new one soon. It’s not going be a kick-ass one, I hardly have time for stuff like DOTA or Half-Life, but it’s adequate enough for the latest Championship Manager or Civilization 4. I’m getting a 17” LCD monitor, although my friend Boone says it’s not that great for games, but I reckon it’s good for your eyes.

Thinking back over the years, my very first one back in 1985, that was actually an Apple II. The second one I bought in university, it was a 386SX with a maths co-processor (although I don’t think I ever fully used its full capabilities). That one lasted quite a bit, with a lot of upgrading courtesy of Plaza Imbi. Then for some time after it died, I was PC-less, since I was mostly using the office PCs. Then in 1999 I bought the current one, cost me about RM2400, I think. That was until now, but in the last few years I’ve also been using a notebook.

I still keeping the old PC even after my new one is set up, probably let my kids go wild with it with their ‘edutainment interactive games’ featuring Mickey Mouse or Barney the Pervert Dinosaur or something like that. Keeps them occupied while I play my Civilization.

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