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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi-O Silver

When people mention silver, I immediately think of the Olympic Games and the silver medals they give out. I also think of Lone Ranger's horse, the one that he refers to as "Hi-O Silver!".

But seriously, silver is one of the most precious metals in the world. It’s usually associated with beauty and high value, seeing that it is so sought after through the ages right from the time of the Greeks and Egyptians up until now.

That is why silver remains a solid investment even now, and it will still be so because as a mined natural resource, the quantity is limited. Buying silver bullion or any of its popular form like ingots or coins will be the safest way to protect your investment funds for the long term.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If You Are SERIOUS About Exercising (Single minded tenacity)

My have lots of fond memories about my uni days, but one of my roommates is NOT one of them. Back in our day we all stay in the dorm (unless you were filthy rich) and the our rooms numbers and roomies were chosen for us, but usually we ended up with our coursemates, so we can 'study together' (yeah right).

Anyway, one of the years, i was paired up with this guy i wasn't really close with, let's call him Joe. He was a bit of an introvert and loner, his social skills went as far as poking the girls from the back and asking, "What your name ah?"

I didn't really get along with him well (it's a miracle how i spent close to 19 weeks in the same 18' x 12' room as him and NOT talking much), i knew that he was an excellent athlete. He plays badminton every week, basketball almost every other day (i played with him often - he's the type that never passes the ball and shoots at every opportunity)...

As much as i didn't like him, that guy had drive and tenacity, man. One the day after coming back from our semester break, he said to me that he had put on a few pounds (although i couldn't really care less) and he wanted to go jogging every morning before classes. Yeah, right, i said, like hell you're gonna do.

Guess what, he actually did. Every week day morning, he woke up at 7am, went jogging, came back at 7.30am, showered, and went with me for our 8am class (he always hitched a ride on my bike). Saturdays he slept in, Sunday he cycled to church.

Every morning - for 7 weeks. I can vouch for it, everytime he woke up, he inadvertently wakes me with him with his noise. Talk about single minded tenacity, man. One day during the study week before the finals, he said he had enough, and then he quit.

Everyone someone tells me they have no discipline to go to gym once a week to get fit or lose wait, i can only remember my old roomie Joe. Single minded tenacity, man...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Credit Bad Credit

Everyday in the papers and on TV we see ads for credit cards being advertised, there seem to be no end to the number of new credit card offers that these companies come up with. The latest trend with these 'lifestyle cards' are those that offer a regular Credit Card service but is packaged with numerous added on benefits and freebies that are suited for a particular niche user. For example, if the card is targeted for the young urban partygoer, the card company will tie in with shopping companies and music stores to offer special discounts and promotions from time to time.

That’s all fine and good if you have good credit, you have all the choice in the world. But if you do not have good credit history, then you don’t really have the choices at your disposal. But still, you need a credit card, like any other consumer. Fret not, you can log on to RequestCredit and check out all the available Credit Cards For Bad Credit. The site lists down all the available cards and offers for you, and you can see which one has the best deals for you, including the ones that are awardwinning.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Most people have not heard of Gerd Lang, but if you are into magnificent Swiss watches (and by swiss watches i don't mean specifically Swatch watches) you would probably know the great watchmaker.

Gerd Lang is the master craftsman behind the chronoswiss watch brand name, and they are well known worldwide since 1983 for making beautiful and excellent timepieces that do justice to the tradition of Swiss watches.

In fact he's also known as 'Mr Chronograph', an honor bestowed on him for his fame in the field.

But even if you are not into history, walk into any reputable shop and pick up a chronoswiss watch, you will be amazed by the detail and functionality. They have an excellent selection of watch designs and styles to meet different people’s taste, so you can be sure that there is a right model for you when you check them out. The last time I was at the watch shop buying a present for my wife, I was really impressed with their models they had on sale.

But beyond all that, Chronoswiss watches is the standard when it comes to quality products, and it doesn’t hurt that they are very good-looking. Don’t be satisfied with sub-par watches, go for Chronoswiss.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Now I am Mad

I can't believe it. They actually held Nat Tan in police custody without a remand or warrant for more than 4 days based on something that ambiguous. What is the police force coming to these days?

As bob puts it, the political pressure to make a scapegoat or an arrest is evident for all to see. What did he do? Nothing. Even the investigations showed that much. This time it was Nat, who would be the scapegoat the next time? I think as law-abiding citizens, we seriously need to look into what we can do to make a difference and prevent these unfortunate incidents from taking place again.

Now i'm Mad.

Say It With Flowers

My dad used to have this saying when it came to buying gifts for my mom's birthday or valentine's day - 'say it with flowers'. Of course my mom was the type of person who loooooved flowers, so it worked for dad.

But flowers are beautiful and are often associated with love and commitment, which is why it is very popularly used in weddings. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been to a wedding that didn’t use flowers, come to think of it.

Getting fresh flowers at good prices isn’t easy these days, no thanks to spiraling transport charges. But not to worry, FiftyFlowers provide wedding flowers (and all other occasions) that are shipped overnight direct from the flower farms, so the freshness is guaranteed. In addition to that, they provide personalized consultation to couples who need help planning their big day, too.

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