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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Visit to the British Museum

As you all know, i have the great pleasure of visiting Paris and London last month in the early summer, and I really had a good time. One of the highlights of the week long trip was my visit to the famous British Museum in London, I got to see all the famous displays that I had only read about in books and TV.

But there was one artifact that really caught my eye, it was a gold layer idol from the Inca civilization. Not only was it beautiful, it had a very interesting story to it as described in the plaque. Another interesting display in the classical Greek section was the gold coins engraved with the pictures of Alexander the Great.

Its obvious that even from back then gold was the standard that people held as being precious and beautiful. Things haven't changed much, today you can buy gold coins for their immense value as an investment. More so now, gold and silver are fetching good prices due to their dwindling supply in natural form.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charlie Harper

Is anyone watching Two and a Half Men, the new season? It's really funny. My wife and i are following it, and after 2 earlier seasons of good laughs, i think this time round it's even better.

They've made Charlie Sheen's Charlie Harper much more open in terms of his life, away from the two dimensional character with one-liners that we've come to expect earlier.

We're halfway through the season and i hope it stays funny. Less grandma this season, but more Bernice. I really wish they have more Rose too, she's really sweet.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buffet Lunch

Yesterday the contractors bought us buffet lunch at DePalma Inn in Ampang for celebration. It was okay, i was told they had initially planned to go to the Country Club nearby, but since DePalma was much nearer, that made the decision easier.

The food was just okay, but the selection was pretty small. I bet a lot of them noticed that, just these people mostly like plenty of variety in their food. But then again, as i always say, it's not so much the food, it's more of the company. 37 or more people turned up to honor me, so i shouldn't be complaining.

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