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Monday, December 31, 2007

Compare Credit Cards

One of the oldest and most reliable websites to compare credit cards is, where you can go to check and compare different types of credit cards likeCash Back Cards. Here you can see all the perks and benefits that each card offers, and compare the fees and interests payable.

This is important to determine which card suits your needs and lifestyle, so that you do not end up paying for some of the stuff that you do not need.

All the major credit card issuers in the US are included here, so you can do the comparisons in one place - J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and leading brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

"Surely you can't expect me to do all that"

Surely you can't expect me to do all that?

That was what I told my boss this morning. Seriously, things are getting unbearable down at the office. They expect way too much of me these days. It’s not that I get paid more, or get appreciated more, it’s just more work and pressure.

Don’t know how much more I can take of this. Hmm. Maybe i should seriously consider getting a new job, but it's a hassle.

No Time For Your Term Paper

Getting an important college or school assignment done when you are already hard pressed for time is tough, what more with all the demands on your time these days. If you are in such situation especially when you have an important psychology term paper due, there's an easy way that will lift a load off your shoulders - buying cheap term papers from a respectable site.

So stop sweating on how to make a term paper - get it online fast.

Safety Tips You Should Heed

Recently there was a front page incident which a person was killed by a falling piece of steel mould from a highrise construction site (you can read our posting here). There are construction sites all over the country, and with a heavy concentration in the city, and sometimes they pose a hazard to members of the public.

While the pointers below are not related to the incident highlighted above, members of the public are encouraged to note them for safety.

Avoid parking you car next to a construction site. Especially if it is a high-rise construction site, near to the road. There are usually warning signs posted around the hoarding, but due to the scarcity of parking, people usually ignore them. Any falling materials or debris will damage your vehicle. And construction sites constantly have heavy vehicles like concrete trucks, dump trucks and trailers going in and out, increasing the chances of your vehicle being hit by them.

Do not enter a construction. It is a regulation that those without a green card by CIDB or a pass from NIOSH cannot enter a construction site. If a raid takes place, you be apprehended. While most of the time (and at most sites) this ruling is not always strictly enforced, it is also for your own safety to stay outside the hoarding. For property sales launches where you need to enter the site to view their show unit, there is a legal grey area here. In these cases, it is best to be careful and follow the signs set up by the developer. Do NOT enter any restricted areas.

If you have to enter an actual construction site for a particular reason (for example if you are a reporter), insist the contractor provide you with basic Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – which, in this case, means a safety helmet, safety boots and safety vest (if necessary). Also insist a qualified personal follows you wherever you go, and as far as possible, stay on ground level and do NOT go up the building under construction. And keep your visit as short as possible.

A note on safety helmets – they actually have a warranty period (usually 10 years). Always insist on a new one. It basically protects you from falling small objects, like pebbles and stones. It does NOT protect you from anything bigger. If say a hammer or a brick falls from the 10th floor on you, it will most likely still kill you.

Watch out for the second part of this series coming soon.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tried the Tunnel

Tried the new SMART tunnel this morning. It's was a breeze.

Actually it was slightly off the peak hour, so there wasn't much traffic. But my first impression was that it was actually quite long. On the surface, the distance is much nearer, so i suppose underground, they had to take a longer detour to avoid all the building foundation and existing services.

It's only two lanes both ways, maybe this evening i might take the other direction back home. they are allowing users to pass free for the one month, after that they will be charging full toll for all users. Not sure how much it will be, but it ain't gonna be cheap.

Have A Boat?

Some people love cars, and collect them as hobbies. Like my pal Charlie, and his college of Mini cars. Last I heard he had three, the latest was a red colored cabriolet he was showing me. He spends a lot of time on them and with his vintage car collector friends.

Some people collect different vehicles, like scooters and antique bicycles, but if you are one of those that have boats, here’s something that might interest you. Donate my Boat is a worthwhile program aimed at helping needy children with a rather ingenious idea. What they do is find people with old boats who do not know what to do with them. The Donate Boat does exactly what it says – you donate your boat to them, and the money they derive from it goes a long way to help produce Children's Animation DVDS for less fortunate kids.

If you have one such boat, all you need to do is contact them and they will know what to do to arrange the necessary steps.

They also use the money to make movies with anti-drug messages, like the one at, featuring some celebrities doing their bit to help the kids drive home a positive message.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Anyone Remember "Bercakap Dengan Jin"?

Today’s Halloween. It’s okay if you dunno anything about the occasion, I don’t either. It’s some American tradition like Thanksgiving and Superbowl Sunday. But judging from all the TV programs, its supposed to be a day originating from Samhain where kids dress up like supposedly scary costumes (You want scary? Has anyone dressed up like a barrel of toxic waste? Or a walking monitor with the Windows blue screen of death? Or George W. Bush?)

Anyway, like I said, it’s an American thing. Even as hard as those local toy stores try to hawk the merchandise to us here. But speaking of all things scary, does anyone remember the series of books called “Bercakap Dengan Jin”? It was a series of books quite popular in the 70’s and 80’s with a collection of short stories dealing with mostly Malay folklore ghosts and otherworldly creatures. You name it, they had it – jin, jembalang, syaitan, orang bunian, hantu kum-kum, pocong, orang halus, orang minyak, toyol, pontianak, puaka, the works.

Anyway, each story was usually a ‘true’ account about someone’s encounter with these ghosts, usually pregnant women or pawangs and dukuns. And they usually had these drawings depicting the horror of the victims accompanying the stories.

In my sheer boredom growing up in a Malay school, I actually did try to read a few of them, courtesy of my classmates. The stories, in retrospect, were quite mild and superficial by today’s standards, but you wouldn’t believe how many of my classmates were addicted to this stuff. Especially the girls! Some of these similar stories also appeared in other mainstream magazines and Sunday edition of papers, but “Bercakap Dengan Jin” was, at that time, the standard bearer in schlock horror.

I think the book is still around these days, sold in mamak stores together with the Mawi ringtone handbooks, URTV and Media Hiburan. I doubt I’d last a few paragraphs of it if I tried to today, it has gone the way of stuff like Gila-Gila, Mastika and Dewan Pelajar. Oh well, I suppose I could still give Gila-Gila a read...

Get A PhD Now

Now with the marketplace being more and more competitive with so many qualified professionals flooding the working world, having the right qualifications is very important. Gone are the days with you can stand out with a first degree and an MBA, lots people now have MBAs so its getting tougher to get into places where you want to.

Getting your online phd programs may be a wise decision for you. Capella University is now sponsoring a charter school in northern Minnesota called The East Range Academy of Technology and Science (ERATS), which is an independent K-12 school.
This program offers personalized curriculum tailor made to your specific needs to equip you better to meet the challenges of work today, and they integrate technology into the classrooms, being being tech-savvy is so important in today’s world of high speed broadband communication and new media.

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On Megadeth

Just found out there is a new version of Megadeth's 'A Tout le Monde', i saw it on YouTube. This remake features guest vocals by Cristina Scabbia, singer of the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. She also appears on the new video. I have lost touch a little with the band since leaving college, but i heard the couple of albums they released in the interim was quite poorly received.

The last album i bought was Cryptic Writings, i thot it was only a so-so album, with on 2 decent songs. Actually i remember being a little disappointed with it, so i guess i went off Megadeth after that.

I also heard they're disbanding soon, and Mustaine is concentrating on a solo career.

Study While Working

My colleague Dan has been thinking of going back to school to get his first degree. He always tell me that when he was younger he didn’t have the chance to go to college, so now that he’s been working and has the funds, he’s contemplating night school or doing it in the weekends.

I had a better idea for him – go to capella university. It’s a fully accredited, completely online university that offers degree programs that you can take with your modem from home. Some fields of study that they offer include business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, and many others.

I think it’s a great idea for him, it suits his busy schedule as a working guy.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey Dad, Isn’t This Where You Grew Up…?

My dad was English educated. He went to this colonial school in the Straits Settlements. He rarely speaks of his halcyon school days in the late 40’s, but I remember once he told me that he had a teacher called Schumacher, whom the kids called "Shoe-maker" and he had a classmate called Happy Chong.

He also told of the Japanese raids and his elder sister, my auntie, carried him piggy back into the jungle. He was the youngest of four, and he was the fortunate one to finish school and had the ultimate luxury to go to college. After that, he went to work with the government, until the very last day when he retired some years back.

Apparently, my dad was the favourite of my grandma, in as much as emotion Chinese folks from that generation ever showed (read: not much).

His best friend growing up was a distant cousin of his who lived nearby from him. But you know, it strange that even though the two of them speak occasionally, I hardly know his 2 sons, who are roughly the same age as me. Heck, I’ve probably seen them only once in my whole life.

My dad also told me that one of the highlights of his primary school years was a field trip to the F&N’s factory in town. Every kid got a free bottle of soft drink that. He said to get it was like getting a lot of money, soft drinks were a luxury reserved for the rich.

These days my dad spends a lot of time sleeping. Probably to make up for those years he lacked it by working. He can’t make it through a TV program that starts after 9pm.

Look And Feel Better

I just joined a gym nearby my office. It is costing me quite a sum in the form of monthly payments, but I think it is something positive for me to take the step to lose some weight, get my fitness up and generally look and feel better.

But it is generally understood that exercising to look better does not work for everyone, since it really all depends on lots of factors, like your body’s metabolism, and external factors like whether you have the time to expend exercising three to four times a week.

Plastic surgery offers a great way if you want to look good without expending the time and sweat. In fact, you can look far better with procedures designed to accentuate certain parts of your body. For example, breast augmentation los angeles gives you a fuller bosom. For those who want a different nose profile, there is rhinoplasty which is quite popular with women. If you have all the excess flab that stubbornly refuses to disappear, then beverly hills liposuction may be just the solution. It is quick and safe, there are many Hollywood stars and every day folks that have successfully gone through this procedure.

Many people go for other beverly hills plastic surgery procedures like a friend of mine who did some work to remove unsightly bags under her eyes, and at the same time, get double eyelids which really made a difference to how she looks. offers a great opportunity for people to get plastic surgery. True to their tagline, “We treat everybody like a celebrity”, you will enjoy the world-class facilities while have the opportunity to look like an actual celebrity. They have the expertise and experience to ensure that your procedure with them will make you look and feel better.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Survived Two Days of Seminar: A True Story

I was holed up at this convention centre for the last week attending this international seminar. I can’t remember much about the seminar, it was something to do with my work I think. I only went for the awesome complimentary bag for the participants. And the food.

This wasn’t a small seminar of 50 people, no siree, bob. There were like 600 people in attendance, mostly wearing their spiffy navy blue suits (except me, I was wearing my short sleeve company shirt. Don’t expect to see my pic appearing in the trade newsletters). I later found out that most of the attendees were actually from the nationwide branches of a few multi-national corporations across Malaysia.

Things started off well enough for this 2-day conference.

Day One, mid-morning:
Attendance: 500+
Everybody is fresh and listening attentively to the VIP CEO of this huge corp tell stale jokes in the opening speech.
My boss, who is with me, is busy trying to secretly snap pictures of the speaker and other famous people with his pathetic camera phone. We’re sitting at the 8th row from the back. I’m not too excited to see the photos when he circulates them around the office tomorrow.

Day One, afternoon:
Attendance: a little less than 500.
After the high profile speakers in the morning, it’s the lesser known chaps’ turn on the rostrum. And everyone is giving their lesser attention. My boss is making lecherous remarks about the women in attendees. I’m busy pretending to pay attention to the boring lectures.

Day One, late afternoon:
Attendance: 300+. Apparently, some of the outstation delegates have snuck off back to their hotel rooms to sleep off. Or go shopping.
My boss is now complaining about the disappointing quality of the tea time food. Every five minutes he flips through the conference souvenir programme book. I trying my best to stay awake as some Professor up on stage is mangling the English language.

Day one ends about 6.30pm. I’ve a splitting headache.


Day Two, mid-morning:
Hall looks half empty, so I’m thinking about 300 people are in there.
My boss still isn’t back from his extended breakfast at the mamak stall across the road from our convention center. I don’t see him until just before lunch.
Whole morning I am still in shock about how dirty and smelly the toilet is in this place. Hah! International convention centre, konon.

Day Two, afternoon:
I didn’t think it as possible, but the lunch was worse than yesterday’s. And the second day’s speakers are getting worse. I’m thinking that they start with the best speakers on the morning of the first day, then they get progressively by the time they reach the end of Day Two. At this rate, the last speaker might turn out to be my Primary 2 class teacher. My boss keeps making these cigarette breaks outside the hall.
I’m reduced to doodling on my writing pad.

Day Two, 6.30pm:

Truck Accessories

If you in the construction or material supplies industry like me, you will know that they de facto vehicle to get around in and carry your stuff with are pick-up trucks. Almost everyone uses them because they are convenient and powerful enough to carry lots of stuff.

So it is imperative you should protect your vehicle to ensure it doesn’t get damaged due to heavy wear and tear. The good news is that is now very easy to get cab protection and other accessories for your truck. has the best selection of affordable and nifty add-ons to your truck.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Come See Orlando

Every kid dreams of going to Disney World in Orlando. I know it was my dream when I was a kid, and my two tykes are going through the same thing now. But Orlando is not just only about Disney World only, it is home to many other world class theme parks and is renowned for a gourmet food haven and many other attractions for families and holiday makers.

But top of my kids’ list is none other than Disney World. It is there you will find the lovable Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, and of course, the all the great rides in the theme parks there.

For great food, there are many affordable restaurants all across Orlando for you to indulge in your palate.

Discount Disney Tickets offers competitive prices to see the great city of fun.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Own Your Dream Home

If you have found your dream home and would give anything to get it, but do not have enough money to buy it, then you may want to consider Provident Capital. They are a licensed mortgage lender and are specialists in providing equity based lending or Hard Equity as it is also known.

It doesn't matter if you are looking at residential or commercial properties, they offer loan from 32% to 68%.

So now you have an option to own that dream home of yours.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Old Ride

Sometimes I feel that I really need to buy a new car. My age old Mitsubishi Lancer is really showing it’s age on me these days, in a bad way. The other day, it showed it age by blowing some steam – right in the middle of the highway at peak hour. Not the best of time to do it, and not the best place either. But I don’t really have a choice in rides, it’s the one and only wheels I have.

Of course I’d like to get a new car, who wouldn’t? but new car prices are shocking to say the least. That’s not including insurance, and registration. Add it all up and I probably won’t have enough money for petrol.

But one option I have been actively exploring are Used Cars. These days there are lots and lots of second-hand car showrooms around my area, with even more cars on offer. Some are really cheap, some are as expensive as a new one. You have Continental cars, Japanese cars, UK cars, Korean cars, even one or two American models. Used Cars aren’t the shoddy lemons that they are associated with back in the 70’s. I have set a budget and am looking for one used car that I really like.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

If You Have Bad Credit

If you have poor credit rating, or poor credit history, than you know how difficult it is to get basic financial help like a Loan, or even getting your own personal credit card. That’s the way the system works, but now there is a way out.

You can get Unsecured Personal Loans and other online financial services at, a great website that is very resourceful. You can even get Credit Cards for Bad Credit.

There are many other services for you to check out, like debt consolidation, automobile loans and even student loans. So even if you have bad credit, you don’t have to worry anymore.


A Great Casino Site

If you think you've seen one online casinos site, you've seen them all, here is one very neat site that has great design and even better content. It lists and ranks all the best sites you can visit to play games and bet money.

It's not just poker and jackpot only, they have all the popular games, plus casino news and a nifty casino guide. Recommended.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Get A Card

There is an adage my friend loves to spout – if you are old enough to drive, you are old enough to have at least 2 credit cards. It’s funny, but it is also very true. Most of my friends carry at least 2 cards, partly because it is so easy to get a card, financial institutions are practically giving them away these days.

But for me, it is important to get cards that meet my basic requirements – it must allow balance transfers, which is vital for me. I also seek out interest free credit cards as the benefits are good for me and my lifestyle.


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