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Friday, September 19, 2008

Living With Credit

On the last count, I have two active credit cards at the moment, and my wife carries a supplementary card from me. I used to have another two (that will make four in total) but after a few years I had come to the realization I hardly use more than one at any time.

But that's just me and my family. I have friends that carry many more, maybe their lifestyle require that they need all that credit, and I can easily understand why. Everything cost a lot of money these days, like food and gas prices, so carrying all that cash is no longer an option.

So with banks and companies offering new credit card schemes every month, which card suits you best? Some people stick with the big corporations like Amex and Diners Club, but with the competitive discounts and rewards that some of these cards offer, the choice is really astounding. Sometimes its difficult to track these changes, so the best place is to find a suitable website that tells you all about the Credit Card Rates Changes.

They also offer cards for those with bad credit, and cards are also sorted by the deals and promotions on offer, so its all very easy to browse and immediately find the card that suits your lifestyle and spending habits.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking For A Credit Card?

Everybody needs credit, whether they realize it or not. Almost everyone carries at least one credit card with them (unless you are one of those very few who have the privilege to pay with cash), while loans like home loans and personal loans are getting more popular than ever.

But back to credit cards. Where would you start looking for one if you have bad credit history? Well, a very good place to start would be MegaCredit, an excellent site that on first glance, puts their best feature forward. On the front page they list the best cards for each category of usage, like Best Overall Card and Best for Bad Credit (which is the most useful for folks like me).

The site is intuitive and has a step by step process to help you choose the best card for you. You can also find a listing of all the available cards on the site, and you can easily compare the benefits and discounts that they are offering at the moment. Most of the major cards are represented here, like Citibank, Discover and Capital One.

Any cool feature which I found interesting is the Credit Card education section. Here they have a collection of useful articles related to different types of credit cards and tips on how to get the maximum mileage and benefits from using them.
All in all, it is a comprehensive website that has it all in an easy-to-use site.

Friday, September 12, 2008


My mom was a nurse before she retired some years back, first with the government hospitals then later with the private practice. She used to bring back these medical catalogues and directories, listing hundreds of different new drugs in the market, all with their strange sounding names that remind me more of Japanese robots than medicine.

With Epocrates, you can now handily look up medicine information without all those directories like i used to have. The website is free and is used by more than 500,000 healthcare professionals, and uses a new web-based application to provide drug reference guide, new disease database, and knowledge bank. For example if you are looking for info on Hypokalemia, Epocrates has all the lowdown on it.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SMART Tunnel Opening Next Week

I don't know... the Smart Tunnel will be opened next Monday, that's what the news said today. After 4 long years of traffic james and messy construction, it's finally completed. They won't be charging toll yet for the time being, seeing that the government has yet to confirm the toll rates.

I'm skeptical it will alleviate the horrendous jam at the strip of road leading into the city, and i am also skeptical about the effectiveness of it's other intended use, as a flood mitigation measure. the other day were we caught in a terrible jam by a small flooding right above the tunnel during it's testing stage. So much for a SMART tunnel.

The toll, well, i'm thinking it ain't gonna be cheap, that's for sure. Think about all the money that went into the years of construction, land acquisition, etc. I'm thinking it's definitely more than 2 bucks for that short stretch.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Medical Supplies Delivered to You

When you are in need of medical supplies on a regular basis especially if you have a long term illness or a condition that needs constant treatment, you will be looking for a convenient place that can provide you with a handy supply of equipment and medicine. A physical shop might be able to do that if it is near to your residence, but a better solution is Allegro Medical. They have been around since 1996 and are one of the leading independently owned e-commerce websites specializing in specialized medical equipment and mainstream consumer retail products.

They have a wide range of products, evident if you take a look at their website. Some of the products on offer are FreeStyle Diabetes Test Strips, Breast Feeding Pillow, Shower Chair and handicapped toilet. Make sure to check out their free Allegro eCatalog that can get you good deals at great prices.

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