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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brand New Site

I’ve been spending more and more time on the Internet these days, thanks to a better broadband connection. And a faster PC. Besides updating my blog and reading the daily news feed (of which I am a total freak for it), I have frequenting quite a few social networking sites, those few big ones that everyone is talking about. You probably understand the attraction – they help me connect with my friends, organize events, and keep entertained throughout the slow periods of the day.

But sometimes, I get tired of the same site and similar activities disguised in different forms, so I am also always on the lookout for new sites that are exciting and dynamic – there’s nothing like a brand new site with fresh new ideas or a refreshing take on an established concept. 3gb communities at has just been recently launched and is starting to swell up in terms of registered users, and it is a brand new site that has all the feathres I like. It has a simple no-frills layout, easy to navigate and is not cluttered with too many icons and windows.

Here at 3gb you can meet new friends, re-connect with old ones, and spend a lot of time browsing the photos or even set up your own blog here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Sick

My elder kid is not feeling well, she was complaining of fever this morning and again when she came home from school. Maybe tomorrow if the problem persists, i will take her to see our doctor.

She's had her bath and has gone to sleep, best not to let her watch TV. I haven't been feeling all that well recently, hopefully tomorrow i will feel much better. it's been raining almost everyday for the past few days, the sudden change in weather is not good for my well-being. I really need to be in the pink of health because of my job, but it's always good to get some rest every now and then.

When You Need It

My wife gets the sniffles every month or so, sometimes at night, it gets worse and she can’t sleep. One way out of it is to pop a tablet, it helps clears the nose and makes her drowsy enough to fall asleep. Sometimes, though, we run out of the tablets, and she doesn’t have one to take.

Its times like that I can appreciate a medical supply delivery service to make sure I don’t run out of medication that I need. provides such a service, and they carry a wide range of products, from basic medication to home medical supplies, daily living aids, books, fitness equipment and even gift ideas.

Best of all they send the products direct to you, and they are very established across the country.

Cheap Calls

Everyday, millions of people in this city make phone calls. Some make just one or two, most people I know make at least a dozen a day, either from the office, on their mobile phone, or from the cordless at home. Those that work in sales or marketing make even more, and I’ve a friend who works from his car moving about everyday, makes at least 30 calls a day just to keep in touch with his central office and clients all across the city.

The phone has become such an integral part of our lives without us fully realizing it, just as the car or train has. Just as the phone has become a second nature, we are spending more and more each year paying phone bills. Phone usage has a way of racking up huge bills without us knowing, or at least until the next month when we receive that letter in the mail.

This is especially true when you make long distance and overseas call, and during peak hours the rates are even higher. Many businesses do not have a choice but to do so, as it is the nature of their business to be in constant contact with their stakeholders.

Here’s a money saving tip – get up to 80% savings with a pre-loaded international phone card. Get the card appropriate to the country you most often call and immediately you are paying less for talking more, and that is not all. The cards cover most of the major long distance carriers like Sprint and AT&T. How do you get the card? Very simple, just go to and follow the instructions on screen to order the card of your choice.

Don’t ever pay full price for another international call for your business or own use again, now with international phone cards.


3GB Community

Just can't get enough of social networking sites? Haha, that's like me. I have been spending a lot of time facebooking, and am always looking to find cool new sites that meet my interests. If you are into photos and mp3s, you should join 3gb community, they are really growing at the moment.

You can post pics and share them, and also re-connect with old friends and make new ones. Recommended.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Living in A Condo Next To the Highway

An associate of ours was just telling us about the travails of living in his condo. He has been staying in this particular place, somewhere in Petaling Jaya, for the past 3 years since it was completed and handed over by the developer.

The condo is situated right next to a very busy highway (as most condos in Petaling Jaya are, strangely enough). He realized this when he bought the place, so he decided to buy the block furthest away from the ground level highway. There were 3 other blocks between his and the highway, and all blocks were at least 20 storeys high.

In addition to that, he bought the highest floor available at that time, the 18th floor (there weren’t that many units left at that time). But the unit is still facing the highway, as the other side faces some villages and oxidation pond, he chose the former.

But after 3 years of living there, he can only conclude that all that wasn’t enough. In the day time, the sound of the vehicles is still loud, even with the so called sound barrier wall erected by the authorities. It is loud enough to disturb you while watching TV, he says.

The other thing, which is even worse is the dust. He says if he leaves the windows and sliding door to balcony open, within a few hours his bedroom and living is covered in dust. If it goes on for a few days, the dust becomes thick and unhealthy. He isn’t at home during the day (except on Sundays), so it doesn’t affect him but he says you can imagine his neighbours who have families in all day.

At night when he sleeps, he has to keep the windows shut and air-conditioning switched on all night. So he pays a lot for the electricity.

He’s also beginning to complain about his neighbours who are starting to rent out to foreign workers, and how the maintenance of the place is going downhill, but that probably for another day...

Need Spare Parts

Buying a second hand vehicle has its pros and cons when compared to getting a new one.
Of course, it’s cheaper to get a used car, but sometimes your second hand car may have inherent problems that only surface later after you’ve used it for awhile. Looking for spare parts for a particular model of car from a specific year (like a 1996 Corolla) can be a huge headache if you don’t have deep knowledge of these things.

But where would you even start to look for a specific auto part that you desperately need? You can look for the garages and junk yards across town, but that is not the best solution if you are hard pressed for time. A better alternative is to go to midwest auto recycling, where you can locate any engine part, and the products come with warranty.

They test the products to ensure that only quality parts are available for you.

Friday, April 04, 2008

How To Have A Hit TV Series for Teens

How to have a hit teenage TV series ala the O.C., Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill:

  1. Get this group of good-looking, moody actors and actresses. Also ensure they look even better in swimsuits / trunks.

  2. Age downgrading is encourage, i.e. get 21-year-olds to play 18-year-olds, and similarly 18-year-olds to play 16-year-olds.

  3. Adults are limited to roles of exasperated parents and caring teachers. They too must be good-looking, or else cast them as janitors or gardeners.

  4. The teenagers must act like 30-year olds, speak like adults, have complicated love-lives, have emotional crises every 4th episode, etc.

  5. Always have another good-looking character to play your lead’s nemesis. Usually very popular and bitchy, surrounded by a posse. If girl, head cheerleader. If guy, star ball player.

  6. They may be playing characters from a poor background, wear new and trendy clothes everyday and with make-up like Eva Longoria.

  7. Some time in mid-season, to keep the interest going, get a rock star to guest star. And preferably sing a not-too-mouldy hit song.

  8. Don’t forget nail-biting cliff hangers like finding out some of the main characters may turn out to be actually siblings, parents suffering from a life threatening disease or accident. And next season, take at least 5 to 6 episodes to sort it out.

  9. After the first season, get one of your ‘stars’ to release an album / appear in movies.

Falling Short

Big is beautiful, as they always say. People sometimes tend to over generalize things, especially into short, catchy phrases like that one.

But being less endowed may be a problem for some men, but there's a solution - male enhancement. Contrary to what you may believe, penis extenders work, and medical tests have been carried out to ensure that. They are becoming increasing popular, male enhancement may be the solution that will help you...

One Year On A Deserted Island

This one is quite interesting, got it from mott and lilian - the premise is that you're stuck on a deserted island, and can choose too bring along 5-6 of their most wanted bloggers, for one year.

I'm thinking most Malaysians like me aren't going to survive long on a deserted island, doesn't matter even if you were an badge-winning boyscout in your formative years or not. Or for that matter, cookie selling girl guides. Not unless there is a McDonalds', laundry and 7-11 nearby.

Starting a fire pun dunno how, how to survive one year? But hypothetically speaking la.

First one lemme see, i think i'll bring along anjali*. She's a seasoned traveller / backpacker, I'm pretty sure she can help me start a fire / pitch tent / collect firewood / build working solar powered 43" plasma HDTV. Besides, in the long afternoons, she can entertain us with her tales of travels around the world.

Second one, I'll bring laundryamah. We all need fresh clean clothes.

Next up - probably 5xmom, yeah i know lots of ppl mentioned her already, but since she good cook, we all need to eat. Can't live off rain and sunshine on a deserted island right? No need fancy Malaysia's Best food, can eat (and not still alive) can oredi la. Besides, after 3 days we'll all probably finish off the coconuts and mangoes already. But before that we need...

Gallivanter to go and catch the wild animals and slaughter them. Manowar style.

And finally, consuela. Since she has loads of experience surviving in a Pacific tropical island paradise... (although that one not quite deserted la).

Feeling Inadequate?

Don't worry, you're not the only one. Millions of men share the same problem, although you won't expect many to own up publicly. But there's a simple solution, use a penis extender. It's safe, proven, and most importantly, these penis enlargement products work.

So stop feeling inadequate with yourself, and get a penis extender, and you will be surprised by the results...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

International Calls

If you ask me, VoIP is one of the greatest invention in the past few years, right after the birth of the internet. Before the advent of VoIP, I used to spend a lot of money make outstation and overseas calls to my friends and families scattered all over the country, and across the world. As you know, these phone rates aren’t cheap, and you always want to try and keep the conversation short so as not to pay too much for the call.

Now, VoIP Phone Systems have gotten a whole lot better. Nimbus VoIP phone systems by the cutting edge company Xpander are probably the best VoIP phone out there, loaded with the most features and functions. It’s a perfect fit for businesses, with its plug and play capabilities, voicemail, re route extension, etc.

If your business is serious about cutting cost of international call, get the Nimbus, it will make a world of difference to your bottom line.

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