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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beauty Jobs

My sister had always harbored a dream of being a famous beautician when she was a little kid growing up. She would always play dressing up with her dolls and pretend to apply makeup to them, or do their hair, as the way i guess most small girls do.

I think one summer during college she spent her holidays working as a part time apprentice at the local beauty parlor. But as she grew older i think the dream faded fast, now she's a marketing executive at a large multinational firm.

Getting jobs in the beauty industry in the beauty industry is not an easy thing, even if you are highly qualified or have loads of experience. My sister got her apprenticeship because she knew the owner, but anyway that was just a 2 month part time gig anyway.

But if you are looking for employment or employees, you can go to, its all there. Just key in your zip code or select your preferences, you can see all the openings, whether you're a cosmetologist or a sales consultant.

Beautiful Jewelry

As any woman about jewelry and their eyes will usually sparkle at the mention of the topic. Because beautiful jewelry, enhances the beauty of a woman, and with the right accessories, can make really make a difference and turn heads. But buying and wearing jewelry is not unlike any other clothing accessory. The are so many types of jewelry available, if you do not know what you want sometimes it is pretty intimidating to browse and buy for it.

A good website like holsted jewelry can be an excellent place to start. They have a wide range of exclusively made jewelry designed with the latest cutting edge technology to bring the sparkling beauty of diamonds to you. They have other precious stones, too, and whether you are looking for earrings, necklaces, pendants or any type of specialized ornament, for any kind of budget, they have it. Recommended.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Protect Your Data

If you run a business that relies heavily on data stored on servers, whether small or large, you would appreciate the importance of its safety and security. At our office here we have 2 servers, a small one here and a larger one at our HQ, which handles mostly the web-based applications.

Whether you need data protection solutions, data integration, data protection or data sort facilities, for mainframe, UNIX, Linux or Windows environments, Syncsort is the all in one package that offer superior product specs and experienced technical support.

According to their website, Syncsort supports more than 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies, which is a endorsement on their reliability to handle large and sensitive data systems. They are used in more than 50 countries and are continually expanding worldwide.

Birthdays And All That Jazz

Seems like a lot of my friends' birthdays fall in September. Well, okay, either September or October. i wonder why. it's probably some strange coincidence, since there are 6 billion people on earth at the moment, so i think generally the distribution of birthdays over every single day of the year is pretty uniform, save for February 29th.

Today's my friend's birthday, it falls on the same day as the installation of our new king. Now that's a coincidence, since the date of the installation is a chosen date, but on the other hand, my friend pretty much didn't have any say as to when his birthday was.

Birthdays tend to get overrated as you grow older. I'm not saying that out of cynicism, it's just that (unless you're a old billionaire where lots of people are sucking up to you) birthdays are only a reminder that you are a year older, but not necessarily wiser. I am extremely blessed to be able to celebrate my birthdays with my family, and usually with good food.

Anyways, life isn't all about birthdays, probably that's why they come but once a year. The other 364 days matter as much, which is probably far more important to your own well being.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Mexico

Mention Mexico and most people have in their mind a picture of sunny beaches and beautiful resorts, a tropical paradise that serves as an idyllic getaway from the dusty city life and hectic schedules. More and more people are making Mexico their number one destination, not only for holidays, but for wedding and parties, and even large family gatherings (the movie 'Hearbreak Kid' starring Ben Stiller comes to mind).

If you are dreaming of spending this christmas holidays on the beach or by the pool, sipping margaritas, watching the silver reflection of the sun on the water, check out Karisma Hotels, a chain of hotels and resorts along the Mayan Riviera, which is one of the coolest places you can be.

What is special is the gourmet experience of all inclusive mexico that they offer, where you can enjoy the sun and beaches, while indulging in gourmet fine dining like no where else.

So imagine this Christmas when most of your friends are freezing in the winter, you can be relaxing in Mexico!

Friday, December 05, 2008

President Obama's Healthcare Plan

November would probably go down in history as the month America elected their first black president, and also the day America voted for change. President Obama basically ran on the campaign promising change from 8 years of Republican/Bush, and these changes are in many areas, like the war in Iraq and healthcare.

While not as prominently highlighted in the media as the Iraq issue, healthcare affects American just as much as other major issues. The big question here is, since President Elect Obama seeks to provide health insurance for millions of uninsured citizens, what's the best way to make coverage available to everyone without raising costs for those that can afford to pay?

Due to the financial meltdown in the US and worldwide, the next two to three years will be difficult financially for the US government, thereby making this healthcare issue more complicated. Read some of the comments on the issue here.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

They Say the Elections Are Coming…

They’ve started to re-pave the road leading into the kampong near my house, so I’m thinking the elections are coming soon. The last time they paved the pothole-ridden asphalt road was like, 5 years ago (go figure).

As any responsible Malaysian, you should go and register and vote. Here’s a few good reasons why.

Four Good Reasons To Register And Vote During the Election

  • Legit bragging rights with your under-age friends that, "I've voted in the elections because I KNOW my vote COUNTS in making this great COUNTRY a better place, man."

  • Free political party buttons.

  • You get to knock off early from work ‘to go and vote’. Usually, people take enough time to sneak back home for a snooze, have a kopi tarik at the mamak, THEN go and vote about 4.50pm.

  • It’s just one BIG Malaysian Idol / AFUNDI contest, but with contestants that sing less and talk more.

I haven’t really voted that often, seeing that I just took my SPM a few years ago (ahem), but I remember the last one very well. I had to hitch a ride from my neighbours motorcycle since my car was blocked by too many cars jamming up the roads.

In the 5 minutes I rode pillion with the nice Indian uncle that lived on the next street, I had to listen to him talk about ‘this politician who has a Swiss bank account’ and ‘how corrupted that guy running in my wife’s constituency is’.

Next time I’m walking to the polling station. All 500 meters from my house to there.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Personal Injury

Everyone needs a good lawyer. Its a fact you don't really appreciate until you desperately need one, especially when you are hit with an accident or injury. At that point in time, a good lawyer can really make a difference. A really good lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law.

In the meantime, now is as good as any time to learn as much as possible personal injury and other issues on the matter. Or you can also look for a legal firm that can advise you. Personal Injury Lawyer Austin has a great blog that frequently posts up questions that we often face, relationg to personal injury law. Their objective is to maximize recovery for their client, and you can find lots of info and links to useful websites.

One posting that I found very interesting was about Defective Products and Products Liability, something that i actually deal with in my line of work.

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