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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drugs and Side Effects

Drugs are supposed to heal you. Say if you have a headache, you pop an aspirin and bam! after like 10 minutes you should feel a little better. Some drugs are for more serious problems, but by and large they are meant to do what they are meant to do.

But of course, most drugs have side effects. Sometimes it just a matter of jittery hands or a little sweat, sometimes its more serious.

Topamax is supposed to treat epileptic seizures in both kids and adults and headaches, but it can also result in birth defects in babies. You may have heard of Topamax lawsuits, if you are a victim of this condition call the expert lawyers to know what you can do.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Just watched this new show on TV called Eureka. I don't think it's the first episode but i think it just started on the telly, it's kind of cool. I remember it being advertised some weeks back about it being a hit TV series on the sci-fi channel in the US.

The effects were a little dodgy, but still can pass for a 2006 production, and the tech of it isn't all that great, but it still is quite interesting. The lead actor is kind of cool, and the supporting cast are quite good-looking. Maybe next week if i remember, i might catch the next episode.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy, Beautiful Babies

A close pal of mine just had a baby - a beautiful girl at 2.66kg. After a few weeks now the kid is doing fine, so is the mother. That is what all parents wish for, a healthy, fully formed baby that is a blessing to the family. But sometimes some babies are born with some deformities, cleft lip or palate is one of them. What causes it? Some drugs do, like Topamax which is an anti-convulsant commonly prescribed to prevent headaches and epileptic seizures in children and adults.

If you think that you are a victim of this scenario, call O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath, who may be able to advice you on legal recourse for the side effects of Topamax. Speak to the experts and know your legal rights about Topamax birthdefect lawsuits.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Another Boss Rant

Bleck. My boss joined us for the meeting today, first time he did after like 4 months. After half an hour of (barely) keeping quiet, he started his antics again. Bossing everyone around, showing that he knows more than anyone, exaggerating small little stuff as if they were life threatening issues (or in some cases, job-threatening issues), on and on. Once he goes on a roll, the productive part of the meeting pretty much ended, and there’s little to stop him going on and on.

Here’s the thing – I used to get really pissed off with him, but today, I find that after almost 3 years, I’m used to it. Yeah, I know, one year ago, the thought of me getting anything but annoyed at his put-on shows is mildly disturbing, but I find myself slightly amused at him. In fact I spent most of the time scribbling humourous notes to Vanessa sitting next to me.

Some of the guys in the meeting who have not seen my boss’ antics (or have not seen it in awhile) where in stunned silence, as if this was the divine wisdom revealed from a prophetic source. Yeah sure, sick around longer and you’ll hear the rerun of it. And then again, again, like a broken record.

Sometimes I feel sad for him. If by putting down other people and going all out to show how much (he thinks) he knows about the project and industry is the ONLY way he can make himself feel better or justify his undeserved seniority, fine by me. Whatever helps him sleep well at night. I just do my job, like a professional that I am. You do your job, I do mine.

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